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RIP to all those who committed suicide but nobody noticed or cared because they weren’t pretty or popular. 

^pretty? who says they’re not pretty?

Math is so stupid! Its like, “if I have 5 bottles in one hand, and six in the other, what do I have?” Uh, I don’t know. A drinking problem?-.-

Suicide is not cowardly. You know what’s cowardly? Treating someone so bad they want to end their life.

Ashley Purdy

I don’t care who you are. Suicide is not a Joke.

emilyharrison09 said: Hello, I'm an advocate+activist. I raise awareness on mental health; society looks down on it&more suicides are increasing; suicide prevention is important. I believe two videos on my blog about depression and suicide can inspire young people and adults to get help as it mentions about two inspirational stories; a girl Zeba Koli made them as its about her battles. Please reblog them. Like her facebook page: Zeba Easmin Koli. Tumblr: zebakoli. + Followed, follow back? :D 

you bets!! Yeah, people seem to be very easy going about suicide until it happens. Suicide is NO joke, depression is NO joke, neither is self-harm. I’m sure you’ve heard of TWLOHA? I’m trying to start a support-kinda group. They have AA NA and a lot more. but nothing for people with self-harm. It’s hard to raise awareness to those who don’t care:(


relevant.. painfully relevant..